Your family photographs are going to hang on your walls and be cherished for years to come and deciding what to wear can be overwhelming. Below are some helpful hints and tips to help you pick out the perfect wardrobe for you and your family.

* Choose a simple colour palette of two or three co-ordinating colours, then pick clothes that will fit with this colour scheme. Many High Street stores offer clothing collections to help you co-ordinate all family members.

* Dress appropriately for the setting. Jeans, a shirt or jumper for a country walk, a dress or suit for more formal locations.

* Adding accessories to your outfit looks great and they can be fun in photographs. A tie for a man for the woman to hold and necklaces for kids to play with or hat to hide behind.

* Avoid garish colours and high-fashion clothing. These will be draw the eye in the photograph. By choosing simple, classic clothing in subtle/neutrals colours you will help create images with a timeless feel.

* Avoid logos and cartoon characters. Your little one may love their Minions t-shirt but it will look distracting in the photographs.

* Try clothes on ahead of the photo shoot to ensure they fit.

* Finally, make sure everyone's hair looks its best by having it cut prior to your shoot. 

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